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The Monstrous Crib of Hideousness

Please don’t think I’m awful for hating this crib. The crib looks better in the photos than in real life. The walls, on the other hand, look even more rosey in the photos!

Repainting them is not an option. See, remember, I painted the rest of our entire house over the course of the past two years. I.Hate.Painting. Plus, I really really really suck at it. Big time. Hence hiring the painter guy. He did 100% better job than me; the paint is just so light, we didn’t see the touchups that needed to be done in the lighting we had when it was finished. Dustin and I even looked. Dustin still can’t see them, but he’s just blind (he loves me, love is blind, right? Something like that, anyway.). In the early daylight though, they show.

The only thing I like about this room is the fact that we decided to paint the ceiling the same color as the walls. I love that and will probably do that elsewhere too. But I hate the color, and want to seriously harm this crib. I’ve never liked light toned wood, at least wood with too many yellowish hints in it like that. A true natural like pine or something can look nice for some things, but this crib has an odd tone that makes me want to puke. Cherry is ok (our floors are fake “natural cherry”) and walnut is nice. I like espresso colored furniture the best (hence my dining table and living room armoire) and those black cribs are pretty sweet too. Espresso is my favorite though and what I would get if I bought everything new.

So here it is, the monstrous crib of hideousness against its backdrop of too-light-and-rosey walls. Ignore the trim. And the orange chair that is, for some reason, still in existence. I placed the trim on the floor to make sure we still had it all, but it is not yet attached or re-painted. The trim and door will be lighter, like almost white. Or I might take the almost-white back and get pure white since the walls ended up being so light.

*sigh* I hate being so picky, but this is really bugging me and I’m not entirely sure why.

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20 Responses to “The Monstrous Crib of Hideousness”

  • Bethany:

    Awww, Crystal! I think the nursery looks lovely. I’m sorry it didn’t turn out as you had envisioned. Your baby is going to love it, anyway. (((Hugs)))

  • Jessica Smith:

    Can you do a funky design on the wall?? With a templete maybe?

  • Jessica Morris:

    some sweet bedding will totally change the look of that crib.

    We have mismatched cribs for the boys (free = not picky!) but the coordinating sheets make them look cool enough.
    One of the cribs is white, which I hate, but I have brown sheets on it. The walls are brown, so it looks pretty sweet.
    Just pretend you can imagine it.

  • The Rock Chick:

    I think it looks nice!! You know what…get an area rug to break up the different woods and once you have some cute crib bedding and stuff on the walls, you’ll see how cute it will be!!! Seriously!!!!

  • Amber:

    Maybe you don’t like wallpaper/border but I think some nice wall border would really dress up the room and make it look neat.
    I can see why you don’t like the look of the crib in the room…a dark color one would look great in there. I agree with the comments on the previous post…maybe you could resell this crib and watch for another one you like?
    I wasn’t 100% happy with the way our nursery turned out either, and I kinda wish instead of being frugal I would have done exactly what I wanted…oh well, we’ll probably redo in a couple years when Levi is out of the baby stage anyway.

  • Amber:

    Do I get an award for the longest comment ever? :-p

  • Jen:

    I agree some bedding will help and I think a rug will help with the floor issue…and If you really want you could paint the crib white or either sand it down and stain it darker OR just trade it or sell it for a new one… but painting a crib wouldn’t be to bad, besides its a nice crib.
    (just remember that the baby will out grow it) lol

    Hang up some cool paintings 🙂

    Crystal I am sorry its not as you wanted but I think it looks nice.

  • Crystal:

    LOL Amber, I think it’s definitely up there!

    Future plans for the nursery: chair rail to match trim, whatever the trim ends up being. Large circles on the wall, either painted (Lord, help us) or with the removable vinyl stuff in either pink/chocolate brown for a girl or for a boy chocolate brown with either green or blue. I hadn’t decided if I was going to paint a second color below the chair rail.

    The baby WON’T outgrow it because it’s a convertible crib! So either we get rid of it, or we’re stuck staring at it until the child leaves home. :oP

  • Crystal:

    I forgot to mention that the large circles will be in varying sizes and above the chair rail.

  • Heidi @ GGIP:

    The crib looks the same shape as ours, but ours is white and it isn’t convertible.

    The circle design sounds great! CLB’s preschool room has circles like that.

  • Shefy:

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  • Joy:

    If you have to get another coat of paint done, have you thought about picking a different tone (ie without the rose undertones) and doing the next coat like that? Because you already have a base and if the colors aren’t too off from each other you can very easily get away with only one coat of the new color. I did the same thing in my sons nursery with a color very similar. And thank goodness I did because the first color was just TOO girl for a little boy!

  • The Rock Chick:

    I think if you do what you’re planning, you will see a huge difference in the room. If you decide to keep the crib, you can just resell it when the baby grows out of it…depending on the kid that can be way sooner than you think! I had to put my son in a toddler bed at about 16 months because he was climbing out and over and jumping off the sides of the crib. You can always sell it when the little one is ready for a toddler bed or for one of those really cool twin beds.

  • Anonymous:

    I get that you hate painting. But ignoring that…

    Why can’t you paint the crib black like those super trendy, pricey ones at BRU? It would totally change the room.

    I’m not a painter either, but I’ve painted furniture before with good results. Use those brushes that are sponges at the tip, not bristles.

  • Dustin:

    I already suggested painting the crib. Unfortunately there’s lots of plastic pieces that are part of the design that probably will not go over well with painting.

    I think at this point we’re leaning toward just donating the crib to someone and getting something else.

  • r8chel:

    Oh! After reading your previous post, I was imagining something really awful! 😉 I don’t think the room or the crib look bad, but I definitely understand your desire to have a home that is aesthetically pleasing to YOU.

  • […] wonderful family members blessed us with a like-new crib they were no longer using to replace the Monstrous Crib of Hideousness. The new crib is very pretty and matches the pretty dresser on which Horton resides (and has a new […]

  • I have a similar chair – only it’s dark gold color, not orange. LOL. It swivels and rocks!

    • Crystal:

      So does ours! lol

      It has been moved to our bedroom. My husband just won’t give it up, even though all it does is hold laundry and/or extra pillows.

  • your aunt in law...:

    how funny. i never knew you really felt this way about that old crib. i mean i know you weren’t entirely happy with it, but at the time you expressd that to me, you never really even complained. you just said you didn’t like it. i find it interesting that the thoughts were put into my head to consider giving you Hannah’s crib. and God knew i was not ever really happy with my setup either. i just realized that he set this up for us. and of all colors – Hannah’s crib was exactly the color you describe in your blog “espresso”. that was God’s doing i think, i really do.

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