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Goodbye, Ugly Monster Crib

Some wonderful family members blessed us with a like-new crib they were no longer using to replace the Monstrous Crib of Hideousness. The new crib is very pretty and matches the pretty dresser on which Horton resides (and has a new friend. Will have to introduce you soon.). The Ugly Monster Crib was donated to a charity. How charitable of us, to donate such a hideous thing. I’m sure we racked up major kudos for that one.

Either way, we may not have a kid yet, but we do have kid furniture!



Not only furniture, but we also now have a car seat. I found the one we wanted (True Fit) for such a good price, I had to buy it. I was going to wait, but couldn’t pass up the deal.

Now we have everything we need… but the baby! *sigh*

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