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Oops (Or: Where I’ve Been the Past Three Months. Or Six Months. Or something.)

The crazy mama that doesn’t update her blog for three months? That’s me. The same crazy mama that walks the dogs at 1am in pink plaid pajama bottoms. But that’s not really the point of this post now, is it?

The past three months have been crazy. No, scratch that. The past SIX months have been crazy. For those of you that do not know, last fall my husband switched companies. He was offered a position with a company he had been wanting to work with for a few years. It was a perfect opportunity… more money, less hours, GREAT company. We had to take it. The only problem was it meant moving a few hours away. So in January, we did. This was after a few months of Dustin traveling back and forth between the home we were trying to pack up and prepare to put on the market and his new job. We only saw him on the weekends. It was not fun and it got old really quickly, so we decided to trim the budget and rent a tiny (and I do mean tiny) apartment in the new city. We’ve been here ever since.

I must say, I LOVE it here. Love. To avoid getting cabin fever in our tiny (TIIIINNYYY) apartment and to also facilitate the absence of reclusiveness, I joined a few mommy groups. I was terrified at first. I’m not so great at meeting new people. Believe it or not, I’m pretty quiet until I’m comfortable in any given situation. (*gasp* *shock* You, Crystal? QUIET?) I know, I know. You had me pegged as the fluttering social butterfly, hmm? Yeah, not so much. I’m more the awkward, quiet observer. Until you least expect it. Then I pounce on you with my verbosity. Rawr. However, despite the terror, I marched on and went to play groups and play dates and found myself really enjoying it. I’ve met some really lovely people and Isaiah has made some cute little baby friends.

Speaking of Isaiah, he is… amazing. He literally changes from one week to the next. At 7 months, 4 days, he started crawling. This was just a week after being able to sit up by himself from a laying down position. Which was just a week after learning to support himself in a sitting position. Then this week at 9 months, 3 days, he took his first teetering steps. I fully expect him to build a rocket ship by, oh, mid-July.

His adoption was finalized in April. That experience was fabulous. Knowing it was 100% finished and done and all legal, mommyhood sort of clicked. I think perhaps I finally allowed myself to fully relax and start enjoying him more. And I have. He’s a big challenge, but he’s also a total joy. He can make me smile like no one else, and we laugh over his fun and beautiful personality every day.

Now our house is on the market and it looks GREAT, so we’re hopeful the right buyer will come along very soon. We’re also about to move out of the (TINYYYYYYYYY) apartment into a decent sized rental house, where we will stay at least a year until we are able to build a house here after the one in our previous location sells. This means we’ll be moving yet again, and this time it will be in the extreme heat of the summer. Yay.

It’s now 3am and I’m pretty much brain dead and have no idea how to wrap up this post without going on and on (and on) with meaningless drivel. So I shall end it with a photo of the cutest boy in the cutest little red swimming trunks, taking a little dip in his very first pool for the very first time.

I dare you to come up with a better ending.
Go on.
Yeah, I thought so.

Random fact of the Day #23

Found in the couch crack while cleaning today:

An M&M
A mini M&M wrapper
A mini Twix smashed and in wrapper
A crushed mini Oreo

I take credit for the candy, but no one here has been eating mini Oreos. Oh no. We buy the big Oreos. The big ones with double the good stuff in the middle.


I have a big taste for small sweets.
Aliens have been eating mini Oreos in my couch.
I need to clean my couch more often.
Especially when aliens come to town.

That is all.

Random Fact of the Day #22

My baby drools. A lot. It doesn’t really bother me though. I mean, babies drool. That’s what they do. There are worse things to come out of their orifices. Drool? Nuthin’.

A couple days ago, I was carrying Zaiah, who was doing his thing chewing on his hands and producing copious amounts of saliva.

A big bead of it fell onto the kitchen floor. Huh. Ok. No biggie, really. It’s just baby spit. Kinda funny, actually.

Then it happened.

Before I could get a towel to wipe it up, Trixie ran in there.

And licked it.

She drank his drool, people.

That’s just not normal! Sniffing butts? Ok. Licking her girlie bits? Sure. Eating cat poop? Why not? But drinking my son’s saliva?

I nearly threw up. And y’all know how I feel about throwing up.

Sick freak of a dog.

That is all.

Random Fact of the Day #21

Things you do not want to find in your bathroom sink when you wash your hands at midnight…

A small, see-through gecko climbing the sink walls, trying to attack you. Seeing lizard guts through see-through lizard skin. In your sink. Where you brush your teeth.

No, he was not selling car insurance.

No, he did not speak with a British accent.

Yes, he did take a trip down the drain.

Yes, I feel bad. Sort of. Not really. Maybe…


That is all.

Random Fact of the Day #20

Signs you’re a shopaholic…

You fill four garbage bags with clothes that you no longer wear for one reason or other. Your closet is still packed as tightly as a can of sardines.

I loves me a good clothes bargain. There have been lots this year.

That is all.

Random Fact of the Day #19

To the ring from hell (you know who you are):

After three entirely too late nights of trying to perfect you, I’ve decided that I seriously hate you. However, you shall not defeat me. In fact, you best stop trying. Or I will rip you apart and send you to the refiners.

You’ve been warned.

That is all.

Random Fact of the Day #18

Signs you’re a metalsmith:

You visit the bathroom. Out of the corner of your eye you catch the glint of a shiny thing. You bend down to get a closer look at the mystery item. You wonder how that 3/4″ piece of 16 gauge sterling silver wire ended up behind the toilet.

The world may never know.

That is all.

Random Fact of the Day #17

I went to the gym this evening. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you. I joined the gym. There. Now you know.

I had just sat down on the machine that exercises your quads. I can’t think of what it’s called, but it’s a torturer of a machine that makes you raise this padded thing while your your legs start burning like a son of a gun.

I was adjusting the weight (cause it doesn’t take much to make my wimpy quads burn like a son of a gun), and while doing so, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and saw a blond, older man completely drenched in sweat. I mean he was covered in sweat beads from head to toe. He started talking to me. Only, it was more like mumbling to my ears because I could hardly understand anything he was saying. He had a very heavy accent, Russian or Romanian or something. I caught a little bit of it.  “… don’t have…” “… size machine here…?” At first, I thought he was trying to ask me if they had some kind of machine here. So I politely smiled and shrugged.

It was then that I think he realized he startled me because he said something like “Sorry…  big mouth!”  and pointed to his face.

As he started to walk away, he said, “you’re petite!”

Then it clicked. He was saying something along the lines of they don’t have smaller machines here. Cause I’m petite. Hardy har har.

Okay, Mr Foreign Sweaty Big Mouth. The adult sized torture machines work just great, thank-you. They still make my legs burn like a son of a gun. Though I can’t say they drench me in sweat. Thank goodness for that. Women don’t sweat, you know. They glisten. Or something.

That is all.

Random Fact of the Day #16

As much as they cry and beg and plead with you to eat them because they promise they will help… potato chips are not good for an extreme case of dyspepsia. Trust me on this. Freaking ow.

That is all.

Random Fact of the Day #15

When a tiny little Skittle, from 5 feet in the air leaps in a fit of haste onto a small toe, it hurts said toe a surprising amount. Taste the rainbow, toe.

That is all.

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