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Tonight I hold him a little tighter
Stare at his lovely face a little longer
Shed tears of a greater number
Stroke his cheek a little softer
Breathe him in a little deeper
Speak words of love a little sweeter
Tonight I hold him a little tighter
For tomorrow he will be older

Copyright © 2011 Crystal Harris. All Rights Reserved.

Oops (Or: Where I’ve Been the Past Three Months. Or Six Months. Or something.)

The crazy mama that doesn’t update her blog for three months? That’s me. The same crazy mama that walks the dogs at 1am in pink plaid pajama bottoms. But that’s not really the point of this post now, is it?

The past three months have been crazy. No, scratch that. The past SIX months have been crazy. For those of you that do not know, last fall my husband switched companies. He was offered a position with a company he had been wanting to work with for a few years. It was a perfect opportunity… more money, less hours, GREAT company. We had to take it. The only problem was it meant moving a few hours away. So in January, we did. This was after a few months of Dustin traveling back and forth between the home we were trying to pack up and prepare to put on the market and his new job. We only saw him on the weekends. It was not fun and it got old really quickly, so we decided to trim the budget and rent a tiny (and I do mean tiny) apartment in the new city. We’ve been here ever since.

I must say, I LOVE it here. Love. To avoid getting cabin fever in our tiny (TIIIINNYYY) apartment and to also facilitate the absence of reclusiveness, I joined a few mommy groups. I was terrified at first. I’m not so great at meeting new people. Believe it or not, I’m pretty quiet until I’m comfortable in any given situation. (*gasp* *shock* You, Crystal? QUIET?) I know, I know. You had me pegged as the fluttering social butterfly, hmm? Yeah, not so much. I’m more the awkward, quiet observer. Until you least expect it. Then I pounce on you with my verbosity. Rawr. However, despite the terror, I marched on and went to play groups and play dates and found myself really enjoying it. I’ve met some really lovely people and Isaiah has made some cute little baby friends.

Speaking of Isaiah, he is… amazing. He literally changes from one week to the next. At 7 months, 4 days, he started crawling. This was just a week after being able to sit up by himself from a laying down position. Which was just a week after learning to support himself in a sitting position. Then this week at 9 months, 3 days, he took his first teetering steps. I fully expect him to build a rocket ship by, oh, mid-July.

His adoption was finalized in April. That experience was fabulous. Knowing it was 100% finished and done and all legal, mommyhood sort of clicked. I think perhaps I finally allowed myself to fully relax and start enjoying him more. And I have. He’s a big challenge, but he’s also a total joy. He can make me smile like no one else, and we laugh over his fun and beautiful personality every day.

Now our house is on the market and it looks GREAT, so we’re hopeful the right buyer will come along very soon. We’re also about to move out of the (TINYYYYYYYYY) apartment into a decent sized rental house, where we will stay at least a year until we are able to build a house here after the one in our previous location sells. This means we’ll be moving yet again, and this time it will be in the extreme heat of the summer. Yay.

It’s now 3am and I’m pretty much brain dead and have no idea how to wrap up this post without going on and on (and on) with meaningless drivel. So I shall end it with a photo of the cutest boy in the cutest little red swimming trunks, taking a little dip in his very first pool for the very first time.

I dare you to come up with a better ending.
Go on.
Yeah, I thought so.

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Not when you’re Mr. Frog, stuffed toy of baby Z, anyway.

This past weekend, he learned to roll from his back to his belly. Before he learned this skill, he usually hated being on his belly. Now when you lay him down, he automatically rolls over on it. Then he rolls to his back. Then to his belly. Then to his back. And his belly. He rolls across the entire bed that way. Silly boy.

He loves his toys. His favorite is a giraffe that sings the ABCs. We named him Geoffrey. We bought an extra Geoffrey because Geoffrey does not have replaceable batteries, and when Geoffrey stops singing, we might be screwed a little. Also, G has tasty ears and tail. If you’re a baby, anyway.

Then there’s Lenny the Lion. And Mr Monkey Man. But we can’t forget Mr Frog. He hasn’t gotten a lot of play time yet, but Isaiah made up for that the other day by trying to shove him in his mouth. Apparently frogs taste good.

He played with that thing for quite a while.

I was just happy that he got in some good tummy time. He must be making up for the 4.5 months when he absolutely hated it.

Happy froggy boy.

Four Months

It’s hard to believe it has already been four months since our little man came into our lives. It has gone by too fast. He’s already changed so much!

My tiny, scrawny baby that was a mere 4 lbs 14 oz at birth is now over 11 lbs. His once 18″ frame is now close to 25″. His skinny little bum and tiny feet have filled out and are now chubby and dimply. This boy knows how to grow. We are ever so grateful that he is healthy.

It’s been incredibly cool to watch him grow both physically and mentally. From one day to the next it seems, he picks up a new skill or refines a current one.

He grabs and puts everything in his mouth now. Loves to chew. He gets pissed when the whole thing, whatever it is, won’t fit. He shakes his little head and tries to shove it in, while making the cutest little sound. He’s a silly little boy.

He loves to bounce and jump and leap to one side or the other. He’s usually only happy when sitting or standing. Laying down is for little babies, you know. He’s a strong little boy.

He throws incredible temper tantrums already. He gets this look in his eye and goes wild. He hates going to sleep. There’s way too much fun stuff to do. He can’t miss anything! He’s a stubborn little boy.

He hasn’t been much of a cuddler, which was sad for me. He’s too busy for that kind of nonsense. But lately he’ll lay across my lap or chest and happily talk, play, and even cuddle a bit. He loves to play with my hand. It’s awesome. He looks at me with these eyes that turn my insides to goo. The expressions on his face are magic. His smiles are ginormous. He’s a sweet little boy.

His hair is awesomely wild. His adorable toes are fat little tootsie rolls. His eyes are wise, his dimples cute. He’s covered in drool and crazy loud. He squeals and squeaks and screeches and coos. He smiles and giggles and kicks and bounces.

He’s strong and strong-willed. Sweet and cute. Daring and curious.

He’s my world. He’s mine.

Just four months old and I can’t imagine a single day without him.

10 years ago today…

my handsome man asked me to marry him. He was halfway around the world, stationed in South Korea. He sent a video proposal and I watched it while on the phone with him. I know that probably sounds odd to you, but to me, it was super creative and great! I love that we will be able to share the memory with our kids someday.

Happy valentine’s day!

Hubba Hubba…

… hubby.

Aww, he’s so handsome!


On Dr Seuss

I’d like to start collecting children’s books. I love Dr Seuss and loved reading them when I was little.

What were your favorites? What are your children’s favorites?

Boy’s Best Friend

Did you have a merry Christmas? Ours was pretty sweet. We spent the day at my parents’ house where we exchanged gifts and then I helped my mom cook dinner. We had dinner with Uncle Cracker (chiropractor, you remember) and his family. The cutie pie up there is my Boy Cousin hugging Trixie.

We brought the dogs with us, as they had not been to my parents’ new house yet (packing up two dogs isn’t all that fun!) and we didn’t want to leave them home alone all day on Christmas! Yep, they are spoiled. Though not that spoiled, since this year they did not get any Christmas presents. We usually get them one. Trixie loves tearing up wrapping paper. She still got to tear up paper, so I’m not quite sure she missed the gift.

Trixie and Boy Cousin made fast friends. They had lots of fun playing tug of war. That dog NEEDS a kid to play with! Hopefully she’ll still be playful when our kid is here and old enough to play. Baby Girl Cousin (the cute one that has a future in photography, you remember) didn’t quite know what to make of the dogs. She seemed like she wanted to pet them, but then she’d touch them with just one finger, and only for a brief second. It was funny. Then she got really mad when Trixie licked her face. Can you blame her? I’d be mad too! Trixie is such a little nurturer. It’s a shame she can’t be a dog mommy… she’d be an excellent one.

I’ve got some gorgeous family, don’t I? I’m glad we spent the evening with them. They’re lots of fun!

Eight years – anyone have a time machine?

The man and I celebrated our eighth anniversary this week. Can you believe that? I can’t. Not only that, but we’ve been together for just one year shy of an entire decade. It’s pretty hard for me to wrap my mind around that one.

If I could go back in time eight years and change things, I would. Oh, pick your jaw up off the ground. I wouldn’t change my marriage or my groom. Just the wedding. I’ve been thinking about that this week. I didn’t really want a huge church wedding. I wanted to get married on the beach with just a very few close family and friends. Barefoot in the sand with the gorgeous ocean in the backdrop. With the best photographer in town. Instead we did a church wedding with an amateur hobby photographer. I loved his work, but I absolutely hate our wedding photos. I’m not knocking amateurs, of course (I guess I kinda am one?) but this one screwed up and I’m not sure I’ll ever get over it.

Nor will I get over the lack of ocean in the backdrop of said photos!

Anyone have a time machine? I’d like to go back 8.5 years, get married in the spring right when my man returned home from Korea, instead of the following November… and on the beach. With a pro. Barefoot. Then I’d fast forward again, only a little further into the future than the present, to whatever point in time it is that we become parents. Cause I’m tired of waiting, people.

Hopefully this will be the last anniversary we’ll be sans babysitter.

But either way, I lurve you hun. Even though our wedding photos suck, you’re my world. We didn’t get married barefoot, but hey I guess shoes aren’t so bad.

Eight years down, forever more to go. *grin*

The perfect little model

A few weeks ago my mom kept my little baby cousin for a couple of days while my uncle & aunt worked at a health fair (my uncle’s a chiropractor, you see… in fact, my hubby who has been seeing him for a while now calls him “Uncle Cracker”. Cause he’s a back cracker. And the uncle. Uncle Cracker. Get it? Oh, never mind.).

I went over and visited them for one of the afternoons because Little Baby Cousin is the cutest thing ever and I hadn’t gotten to see her in a while.

Of course I took my camera. Of course I took well over 100 photos of the child in a span of 30 minutes. And then of course I took some more. She’s such a ham and is incredibly photogenic. She thought it was a lot of fun, especially when I let her push the shutter button and take a couple photos herself (I held the camera). She got a nice shot of my mama’s legs and a nice shot of the room. I think the kid has a bright future as a photog. The one of mama’s legs was super sharp. And framed nicely too, like all tilted and artsy-like.

Cute AND talented. Kid’s got a good life ahead of her.

I spent the next several days going through them picking out the good ones and doing a little photoshop magic. I have received permission from Aunt to share a few of them here on my blog because a cuteness so great needs to be shared with the world.

So there she is, the perfect little model… my Little Baby Cousin (who is having surgery tomorrow, by the way, so your prayers would be appreciated).

I wish I could show them all to you, but alas, the cuteness is far too much. I fear you would go into cute overload. Which is quite dangerous, I hear.

See, I can handle it because I’ve worked my way up, bit by bit. But Little Baby Cousin is new to you, and you must get used to such cuteness a little at a time… step by step.

Aunt & Uncle were pleased with my not-so-mad photo skillz. I think I am now the official family photographer. I think such a title deserves a new lens.

I think the super cute Little Baby Cousin agrees. There are many more legs in the world to photograph, you know.

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