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Archive for December, 2009

Random Fact of the Day #17

I went to the gym this evening. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you. I joined the gym. There. Now you know.

I had just sat down on the machine that exercises your quads. I can’t think of what it’s called, but it’s a torturer of a machine that makes you raise this padded thing while your your legs start burning like a son of a gun.

I was adjusting the weight (cause it doesn’t take much to make my wimpy quads burn like a son of a gun), and while doing so, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and saw a blond, older man completely drenched in sweat. I mean he was covered in sweat beads from head to toe. He started talking to me. Only, it was more like mumbling to my ears because I could hardly understand anything he was saying. He had a very heavy accent, Russian or Romanian or something. I caught a little bit of it.  “… don’t have…” “… size machine here…?” At first, I thought he was trying to ask me if they had some kind of machine here. So I politely smiled and shrugged.

It was then that I think he realized he startled me because he said something like “Sorry…  big mouth!”  and pointed to his face.

As he started to walk away, he said, “you’re petite!”

Then it clicked. He was saying something along the lines of they don’t have smaller machines here. Cause I’m petite. Hardy har har.

Okay, Mr Foreign Sweaty Big Mouth. The adult sized torture machines work just great, thank-you. They still make my legs burn like a son of a gun. Though I can’t say they drench me in sweat. Thank goodness for that. Women don’t sweat, you know. They glisten. Or something.

That is all.

Jewelry for the Jeweler

It’s not a secret that I love jewelry. Mostly I wear my own, but I’ve bought a few pieces from other artists in the past. My friend Jen makes fabulous pieces, as does Tess, a new acquaintance I met on Etsy. I just treated myself to a pinwheel pendant from Tess. Christmas gift to myself? Mmmmhmm. It’s so cool! And if only it fit me, I’d be verrry tempted to buy this ring from her second shop.

Even though I love jewelry, I was still very surprised on Christmas day when I opened a little blue box. My husband bought me a necklace! Oooh! Gemmies!! It’s a sterling silver dragonfly pendant with mystic topaz stones set into it. Very pretty. It caught my eye when I saw it at the mall a couple weeks ago, and now it’s mine!

In other jewelry news, I’m a busy bee these days. The holiday season has turned out to be a good one business-wise. I’m also participating in an earring swap with some artists on a jewelry forum, and a pendant/charm swap with some of the other fabulous metalsmiths on Etsy. Between that and doing inventory, I might not get any sleep in January.

But it’s all good. One of these days I’ll own a piece from each of my jewelry artist buds. A girl can never have too much bling, you know.

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