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Archive for October, 2009

The Fool Says…



I think I’ve had a love affair with shoes since I was a little girl. Unfortunately, sometimes I have trouble finding shoes I love that fit me. I have little bitty size 5 feet. That’s pretty much the smallest women’s shoe size they make, and some 5’s are too big. I have the same problem with pants!

Despite my love affair, I haven’t been buying many shoes other than necessary and/or really cheap ones for the past, oh, ten years. I pretty much live in flip flops. But my feet weren’t happy with that so this year I decided to get better ones. Several months ago, I bought some cute Crocs (believe it or not… they’re cute little Mary Jane flats… don’t look like Crocs) and some Sketchers. Comfy and cute. But not dressy. So today, I visited a shoe store which just happened to be having a big sale, and bought some cute dressier shoes (and some not dressy… I went a little shoe crazy. Kid in a candy store.)

A friend wanted to see photos, so here they are…


As you can see, there are cute and casual white flats:


Some pretty li’l brown heels:


Black wedge heel thingies:


And some strappy sandals that make me feel tall:


I never buy heels. I like to wear shoes that don’t make me feel like my ankles will snap in two. But these are all comfy and I can walk in them. Sweet.

Action shot:


My arms are tired now from attempting to take photos of my shoe wearin’ feet with a heavy camera lens. I must go find chocolate now. Good night.

Random Fact of the Day #16

As much as they cry and beg and plead with you to eat them because they promise they will help… potato chips are not good for an extreme case of dyspepsia. Trust me on this. Freaking ow.

That is all.

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