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Archive for July, 2009


That’s me!

Or my jewelry, anyway. I set my very first (and second, third, fourth, and fifth!) faceted gemstones this week. I am a happy camper. I used tube settings because I love their sleek look, but I’ll be doing some prong settings soon too. Yes, bloggy buds, I now solder and set precious stones. Aren’t you proud?!

My first was a sterling silver ring that I forged and soldered a tube setting onto. I set a 3mm (teeeeny tiny!) smoky quartz stone in it.


I saw that it was good, so I moved on to some earrings. Again, little 3mm smoky quartz stones. (Yep, I soldered the earrings too!)


I was pleased with the results, so I figured it was time to get serious. I pulled out the sapphires. Little tiny 3mm sapphires. I put them in a second pair of studs I had soldered.


(Just in case you’re wondering, there aren’t scratches on the silver. That’s fuzz. Cause you should never put lotion on before handling shiny jewelry. You get jewelry fuzz. And jewelry fuzz may be undetectable to the human eye, but jewelry fuzz can never fool the eye of a macro lens!)

Genuine sapphires, people. I set them. Go me! I don’t think I’ll be selling that pair. You may notice that the one on the left shows more silver around the stone. That’s because the stone sat lower in the setting than the one on the right. Boo. That’s not my fault. That was the person who cut the stone. But it was my fault for using it in the earrings. But can you blame me? I was having too much fun. Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to keep this one pair… what a pity.


SATeam’s Summer Sizzler Sale is Here! SATeam is a group of fabulous jewelry artists on Etsy. The Belles are proud members and are participating in the sale. From Thurs July 30th through Sun August 2nd, you will receive 15% off any purchase… write “SSSH” or “weekend deals” in notes to seller during checkout, and Paypal refund will be promptly sent.

Check it out! And also check out SATeam’s site to see other fab deals from our fab artist friends!

Random Fact of the Day #15

When a tiny little Skittle, from 5 feet in the air leaps in a fit of haste onto a small toe, it hurts said toe a surprising amount. Taste the rainbow, toe.

That is all.

Random Fact of the Day #14

Signs you’re a metal head:

You find yourself waiting… impatiently I might add… for your bezel setting to finish pickling so you can figure out what kind of bail to put on it. What time is it? 4am. But the pendant must be finished.

That is all.

A little taste of the Islands

Ever since my parents went to Hawaii last year, they’ve been a little bit obsessed with plumerias. I guess I can’t blame them. They’re gorgeous flowers and smell fabulous.

They finally bought a plumeria tree for their back yard a couple months ago. It took a little while to bloom, but the wait was worth it. Gorgeous! The photos don’t do it justice, but here you go anyway…



Random Fact of the Day #13

As I was looking at the new bust I bought to model necklaces in photographs, I realized that it is completely fake. Not just fake as in: well, duh, it’s plastic. But fake as in: no real woman’s boobs are that perky!

Then I wondered to myself… if all mannequins had saggy boobs, love  handles, and cellulite, would anyone ever buy anything?

Then I put a shirt on her because she was disturbing me.

That is all.

A New Page

WordPress is cool. It makes it easy to have pages. So I made a new one… about our Adoption Journey. (See above.)

It has our timeline all typed out and up to date, in case you’re interested.

Hubba Hubba…

… hubby.

Aww, he’s so handsome!


From This to That

From this…


To this…pmc2

To that…ginkgo

Just a little taste of the magic The Belles put into their wares…

Consider Yourself…

… mooned.


Photo taken by my dad.

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