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Archive for March, 2009

No macro here, sorry…

Sorry, bloggy buds. I’m exhausted and not doing too great right now, so I haven’t been much up to blogging lately. I think I need to put off Macro Monday at least until sometime in April, after taxes are done and paperwork is caught up.

Last week was of water droplets on a marigold.

Thanks for being patient.

Lessons From a Not-Quite-Two-Year Old

1.) Oatmeal is very exciting, but yogurt meltaway drop thingies are downright blissful.

2.) Ceiling fan remotes provide hours of fun. Off, on, giggle… off, on, giggle… repeat.

3.) When a camera is pointed at you, grin as big as you can. You’re cute and you know it.

4.) When a big person grins at you, grin back. Big person will inevitably grin even bigger. (See last part of #3.)

Valuable lessons we all should learn, I do believe!

Did You Know?

No, I did not. But… wow.

Bobbing Through the Basil

I found this critter in the garden the other day.

Yes, we have a garden already. A raised bed square foot garden.

Yes, I have pictures.

No, you can’t see them.

Ok, I guess you can. Later. When I remember to upload them.

But for now, you must be satisfied with only the little creepy crawly. You know how I love photographing my creepy crawlies!!

Macro UnMonday #18

Sorry we’re late. My mind is in a thousand different directions these days.

Last week’s photo was of a bee. I’ll have you know that no, it was not a dead bee. It was a dying bee. There is a difference, people! I felt sorry for li’l bee. Poor, poor li’l bee, all dying of unknown causes on my back porch. We like bees. They give us honey. And pollinate our plants so we can eat the fruit. We’ve had lots of bees in our neighborhood lately. I don’t mind really, so long as they don’t swarm and/or sting me. This dying little honeybee reminded me of the masses of honeybees that are dying all around the world… a fact that is a little frightening and a lot sad.

Anyway, on to this week’s photo.

Do ya know it? Happy guessing!

Macro Monday #17

We have a winner! Just one this week. Brandy guessed that last week’s photo is of zip ties. My husband is a little obsessed with them. He’s a zip-tyin’ fool.

On to this week…

Is it easy? Do you know it? Good luck!

Random Fact of the Day #9

While showering today, I counted seven bars of soap in our shower. Yes, seven.

Four are mine, two are Dustin’s, and one is a facial soap bar that we’re currently sharing.

Excessive? Nah. A girl needs options. Who wants to smell the same every day?

That is all.

Macro Monday #16

As you saw, last week was way too easy as well. Sorry, guys. I’m a little off my game lately! I’m sorta running out of ideas too.

Anyway, it was the inside of a bubble mailer. I believe Sandra P. and Nicole guessed it exactly.

Here is the photo for this week. A little harder maybe? Perhaps!

Figured it out yet? Go ahead, outsmart that macro!

Good luck!

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