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Archive for 2009

Random Fact of the Day #17

I went to the gym this evening. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you. I joined the gym. There. Now you know.

I had just sat down on the machine that exercises your quads. I can’t think of what it’s called, but it’s a torturer of a machine that makes you raise this padded thing while your your legs start burning like a son of a gun.

I was adjusting the weight (cause it doesn’t take much to make my wimpy quads burn like a son of a gun), and while doing so, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and saw a blond, older man completely drenched in sweat. I mean he was covered in sweat beads from head to toe. He started talking to me. Only, it was more like mumbling to my ears because I could hardly understand anything he was saying. He had a very heavy accent, Russian or Romanian or something. I caught a little bit of it.  “… don’t have…” “… size machine here…?” At first, I thought he was trying to ask me if they had some kind of machine here. So I politely smiled and shrugged.

It was then that I think he realized he startled me because he said something like “Sorry…  big mouth!”  and pointed to his face.

As he started to walk away, he said, “you’re petite!”

Then it clicked. He was saying something along the lines of they don’t have smaller machines here. Cause I’m petite. Hardy har har.

Okay, Mr Foreign Sweaty Big Mouth. The adult sized torture machines work just great, thank-you. They still make my legs burn like a son of a gun. Though I can’t say they drench me in sweat. Thank goodness for that. Women don’t sweat, you know. They glisten. Or something.

That is all.

Jewelry for the Jeweler

It’s not a secret that I love jewelry. Mostly I wear my own, but I’ve bought a few pieces from other artists in the past. My friend Jen makes fabulous pieces, as does Tess, a new acquaintance I met on Etsy. I just treated myself to a pinwheel pendant from Tess. Christmas gift to myself? Mmmmhmm. It’s so cool! And if only it fit me, I’d be verrry tempted to buy this ring from her second shop.

Even though I love jewelry, I was still very surprised on Christmas day when I opened a little blue box. My husband bought me a necklace! Oooh! Gemmies!! It’s a sterling silver dragonfly pendant with mystic topaz stones set into it. Very pretty. It caught my eye when I saw it at the mall a couple weeks ago, and now it’s mine!

In other jewelry news, I’m a busy bee these days. The holiday season has turned out to be a good one business-wise. I’m also participating in an earring swap with some artists on a jewelry forum, and a pendant/charm swap with some of the other fabulous metalsmiths on Etsy. Between that and doing inventory, I might not get any sleep in January.

But it’s all good. One of these days I’ll own a piece from each of my jewelry artist buds. A girl can never have too much bling, you know.

Main Squeeze

I like to buy things for our little furry monsters. I can’t help it, really. They’re the only children we have! I’m quite certain if we ever have real ones, they’ll be spoiled rotten.

A few months ago, I bought some cheap new toys for the fur girls. They used to go through about one a week, but aren’t quite so destructive anymore. Thankfully they take a month or two to dismember most of their chewies these days. I have this bad habit of buying things and then leaving them in the shopping bags on the floor for days, until I get around to remembering to put them away. The new doggie toys were no exception. I shoved the bags into the office and forgot about them.

Around this time, I decided to test leaving the dogs out while I ran errands. Trixie is trustworthy. Molly… not so much. Despite our best efforts, she still likes to think of our office rug as her personal potty from time to time. But she had been doing well lately, so I figured it was worth a shot.

I must admit, I was a little nervous to walk in the door when I returned home. One of them alone is not bad, but the two of them together could probably tear the house apart, small though they are. I put my key in the door and heard:

*sniff, sniff, sniff… snort. Sniff, sniff, sniff… snort.*

That’s Molly. She tries to inhale the door whenever we come home.

I took a deep breath and prepared myself for the worst. Torn up toilet paper? Garbage strewn about? Urine soaked furniture? Shredded socks? What horrors of doggie life were awaiting me on the other side of that *sniff, sniff, sniff… snort*??

I slowly walked in. Hmm. Everything seems to be in order. No foul smells. Okay, perhaps Miss Snort behaved herself.

It wasn’t until I let them out to potty and watched her as she ran back inside that I found it. Evidence that Miss Molly didn’t quite resist all of her deeply entrenched canine urges. Oh no. She had been in the office and had found what was rightfully hers. I wouldn’t have ever known had she been smart enough to rid her face of the evidence.




I of course followed the sticker’s instructions. You can’t help but love this cute little monster.

Good golly, Miss Molly. You sure can make me laugh.

If it weren’t for my horse…

Favorite Lewis Black bit.

He’s usually got a dirty mouth on him, but this clip is clean.
Lewis Black – College Horse
Joke of the Day Stand-Up Comedy Free Online Games

The Fool Says…



I think I’ve had a love affair with shoes since I was a little girl. Unfortunately, sometimes I have trouble finding shoes I love that fit me. I have little bitty size 5 feet. That’s pretty much the smallest women’s shoe size they make, and some 5’s are too big. I have the same problem with pants!

Despite my love affair, I haven’t been buying many shoes other than necessary and/or really cheap ones for the past, oh, ten years. I pretty much live in flip flops. But my feet weren’t happy with that so this year I decided to get better ones. Several months ago, I bought some cute Crocs (believe it or not… they’re cute little Mary Jane flats… don’t look like Crocs) and some Sketchers. Comfy and cute. But not dressy. So today, I visited a shoe store which just happened to be having a big sale, and bought some cute dressier shoes (and some not dressy… I went a little shoe crazy. Kid in a candy store.)

A friend wanted to see photos, so here they are…


As you can see, there are cute and casual white flats:


Some pretty li’l brown heels:


Black wedge heel thingies:


And some strappy sandals that make me feel tall:


I never buy heels. I like to wear shoes that don’t make me feel like my ankles will snap in two. But these are all comfy and I can walk in them. Sweet.

Action shot:


My arms are tired now from attempting to take photos of my shoe wearin’ feet with a heavy camera lens. I must go find chocolate now. Good night.

Random Fact of the Day #16

As much as they cry and beg and plead with you to eat them because they promise they will help… potato chips are not good for an extreme case of dyspepsia. Trust me on this. Freaking ow.

That is all.


Can you believe that we only have three months until Christmas? I can’t say that I’m entirely thrilled about that. It means that we’ll more than likely have another childless holiday season, which is very hard on me. It also means I have very little time to get totally ready for the shopping season! I don’t mean shopping for us. I mean shopping from us. Last year was quite busy, and I expect this year to be even more so. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m a little scared. 🙂

We’re members of SATEAM on Etsy, and the team will be hosting a fabulous promo giveaway thing for the holidays. We’ll be giving away a charm bracelet that has charms handmade from many of our team members, yours truly included. Here is my contribution.


What about you? Are you ready for the holidays?


I spent the summer working on building up our necklace stock. Now I’m working on rings.

Silver rings, stacking rings, gemstone rings, and even solid 14kt gold rings. Yes, you read that right. I finished my very first solid gold pieces! It’s fabulous to solder and polish. And scary. The entire metal market is scary right now, but gold is especially frightening. It’s all too sobering to see how expensive a tiny piece costs!

But it sure is fun.

secret-of-life-ring3Secret of Life Ring

cz-textured-ring9Cubic Zirconia & Textured Sterling Solitaire

beadwire-spinel-stacking3Black Spinel & Sterling Stacking Rings

14kt-black-spinel-ring8Solid 14kt Gold & Black Spinel Ring

14k-textured-band10Solid 14kt Gold Textured Band

Call me a ding-a-ling, but I’m pretty pleased with these ring-a-lings! (Insert the “Crystal-is-such-a-cheeseball-smace” here.)

Goodbye, Ugly Monster Crib

Some wonderful family members blessed us with a like-new crib they were no longer using to replace the Monstrous Crib of Hideousness. The new crib is very pretty and matches the pretty dresser on which Horton resides (and has a new friend. Will have to introduce you soon.). The Ugly Monster Crib was donated to a charity. How charitable of us, to donate such a hideous thing. I’m sure we racked up major kudos for that one.

Either way, we may not have a kid yet, but we do have kid furniture!



Not only furniture, but we also now have a car seat. I found the one we wanted (True Fit) for such a good price, I had to buy it. I was going to wait, but couldn’t pass up the deal.

Now we have everything we need… but the baby! *sigh*

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