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Archive for November, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen Things I Would Want with Me if I Got “Lost”

2. At least a 3-yr supply of chocolate.
3. Lots and lots of toothpaste and floss since I’ve become a flossing maniac.
4. John Locke… so we’re only on season 2, but it seems like he’s the guy to know on the island.
5. Sunscreen… my fair skin burns so fast.
6. Lots and lots of batteries and a cellphone that works everywhere in the world (yeah, in my fantasy land they’d exist!)
7. Can we say hand sanitizer???
8. Toilet paper, please.
9. A few books that could be read over and over again (the Bible would be a good pick for sure.)
10. An umbrella.
11. Duct tape… my husband is a veteran, I think he could do anything with duct tape.
12. My puppies. No worries of urine smelling carpet on the island!
13. Jack Bauer. Ok, wrong show… wrong location… wrong tv channel… but come on! The Others wouldn’t stand a chance against Jack Bauer. You know you’d want him there too. ;o)

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No "La la la la la la la" here!

Music is a powerful force. Such a simple thing, yet so complex. Nothing can move one’s spirit and touch one’s heart in the same ways that music can. The steadiness of the beat… rise and fall of the melody… the gripping harmony, whether heard out loud or in your head…

Each one of these parts alone may not be much, but they can be combined in such a way that they create a piece of art that can pierce through even the hardest of hearts. Maybe that’s why I enjoy making it so much. Having the power to write something that can move a person’s spirit and bring them closer to our Creator is a precious gift… and though it may be hard to believe, it’s also so very humbling.

I enjoy many genres of music. Country is one of my favorites. (Don’t throw tomatoes at me, please! ;o) I find much of it soulful, and a lot of it seems to deal with real emotions. So, yeah, some of it is just silly and can be questionable material… like tractors being sexy and giving beer to your horses… but I still enjoy it for the most part. I was always a daddy’s girl growing up, so the songs about father/daughter relationships really get me. There’s a song out right now titled, “I Loved Her First” that makes me cry at least every other time I hear it. :o) See? Music is powerful. If I were to just read the words I would probably think, “aww, gee, that’s really sweet!” But combined with the rhythm, instruments, and soulful singing, it digs deeper and really grabs me.

Who can hear a real love song… I’m talking a real love song, not the pokey ones you hear in pop music now a days… and not feel something, whether it be longing for someone you miss or passion for someone you’re with? Who can hear a song like The Star Spangled Banner and not feel at least a bit of pride in our country and the things people have been through and given up to make it what it is today? Who among the true church of the Lord can hear a song of worship… (and I mean real worship, not that “La la la la la la la” stuff that belongs more in children’s church than it does in the sanctuary) and walk away with no more of the Creator than before you heard it?

Music is such a wonderful doorway into true worship. I think that’s one of the reasons I love it so much. It is certainly my goal in writing music. I really don’t write anything but worship music. I think I could if I really wanted to, but I feel that God gave me this gift to proclaim His glory… why would I even want to use it for anything but? Though sometimes I do forget all of this. I have a little fun learning to sing and play a new country song by Faith Hill or someone else I’d trade voices with anyday… and I play it until my fingers hurt. But I can’t stop yet. Everytime I pick up the guitar, I end up playing my worship til my fingers scream. It’s just so much a part of me, I come back to it every time. Even when I’m in the most stagnant of places, running from the Lord and His plans for me, filled with fear and doubt and anger… I’m drawn to the music with which He fills my soul. I have a few favorites I play a lot, but there are a couple that are more difficult for me to sing, so I don’t go to them as often. Oh but when I do, I remember why they are worth the extra effort. Both of them are about being in the presence of the Lord (which is the main theme of a lot of my latest songs!) and I have a hard time singing the second verse of one of them. It’s not musically difficult or anything like that (though the chorus is a little hard for my voice if it’s not a vocally strong day for me) but to me the words are so powerful I really have a hard time catching my breath.

I’m not quite sure I understand what it feels like to truly be in the presence of God. I know people talk about it often, but I’m not sure I’ve experienced it in the ways that people usually talk about. But when I sing this song, I can almost feel His breath upon my skin, His power is so real to me at that moment. That’s what I desire from my music. I want the power of God to be expressed through it in such a way that if the listener has their heart open to the Lord, they can’t help but feel Him in it. I’ve always written my pieces, both poetry and music, with the heart of blessing others and worshiping the Lord. I can’t tell you how precious it is to me when I learn that God has indeed accomplished that through me. It’s truly surreal and a bit mind boggling. I definitely don’t deserve to be used in such a way, and I must admit that I’m scared to learn of what all He plans for me regarding my music… but I guess for now it’s just one step at a time. One song, verse, and note after another. Hopefully each one will bring me just a little closer to Him and maybe even someday bring Him just a little closer to you.

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